LCHF – Quit Sugar, Eat Good Fats

May 8, 2014


I came across these two articles this morning as I was checking in with emails and FaceBook and thought they represent well the LCHF Low Carb High Fat position as opposed to the HCLF High Carb Low Fat FAD diet that we’ve all been engaging with naively for the past 50 years.

Wall Street Journal Says Yes To Saturated Fats

WSJ CowI love this article for it’s simple review of where it all went wrong and why, as well as it’s significant pointers to making it right again.






Death By Sugar
Robert Lustig FB Post

The obesity, heart disease, diabetes and perhaps even the Alzheimer’s epidemics all caused by sugar?    As Robert Lustig says this article is a great over view of the movie that premiered last night – Fed Up.

Guaranteed to shake up your world, if you haven’t got the message yet.  Or have you?   Let’s know how you’re going with this sea change in diet information below.

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