It is not possible to give up on a good dream:

September 16, 2011


I love this video that was reposted on my Facebook page.   It’s speaks to what is happening in my own life.  I wonder how many of you feel the same way about it?

Because I’m more visual than auditory I’ve transcribed it below.


“It is not possible to give up on a good dream.  You have no choice but to line up with it.  You’ve got to go with your desire in order to feel good.  You have to give in to it.

Why would you give up on something that matters so much?

Your desire will not torture you or misbehave.  It is real, it’s in the vortex, you can have it. Line up with it and then revel in the evidence of your alignment.

You will never be able to breathe a full breath or be who you are unless you line up with it.  Give in to the success of your dream and watch the resources of the universe back you up.

You want to line up with the dream enough that the inspiration to act is called through you.  It really doesn’t take as much as you think to line up with the dream.  If you want it you can have it but you’ve got to find some way of believing that you can have it.

Let your dream live a little bit…  Then you get an impulse to work on some part of it.  Because it will come in little pieces of insight and you just want to capture that.  So as you are capturing them, it’s not like you need to capture them in order to not forget them, it’s that in the capturing of them you keep them active within you for a little bit longer.  Remember what you want is already done over here vibrationally, all of these processes are just to keep yourself happily in the vibrational vicinity of them.

Many of you through your life experience have come to these principled determinations that is not serving you well at all.  When you get involved in the actual details of how it’s going to come about, you shoot yourself in the foot and you mess it all up.  The specifics will reveal themselves to you at the precise moment that you are ready for them.  You just don’t have to figure all that stuff out yet.

What you do have to figure out is that you have a dream and it’s a dream that you can’t stop dreaming.  It’s been too long in motion and you’re going to line up with it.  And as your dream became reactivated within you, your relationship to it, which has already come to full vibrational fruition, is closer.  So what’s going to happen is, things will begin to manifest.  The first manifestations will be ideas that will begin to flow to you that you will begin writing down but within a day or two or three at the most you’re going to start getting feedback from other people.  People you haven’t talked to in a while are going to show up and ask you how are you doing about this.  Now you’re going to say, it’s rejuvenating, it’s reviving, I’m feeling more alive as a result of it and we want you to watch more closely to what manifestations are.  Manifestations of an idea of your mind.  The first time some person comes to you and mentions this project that they’re aware of who hasn’t been talking to you about it in a while you’re going to feel thrill bumps all over your body and you’re going to say this is a manifestation of my reactivation of my desire.  Then just a steady stream of impulses and ideas will flow to you.  You have not yet conceived of the wholeness of it, there are new venues and new avenues and new insights and new ideas…  this is a whole new project today, more alive, more beautiful than it was last time you addressed it fully.  The fun of this unfolding is what’s going to take place between you and your vortex.

Before the manifestations begin to kick in really big time there’s so much foundation that you are in the process of and the reviving of the dream is not just the first step, it’s the biggest and most important step.  It’s huge you see.  You’ve lined up with your vision, you’ve lined up with your dream.  And the resources that create worlds are now flowing in the direction of you.  From complacent to feeling better to specific… and why do we want you to focus in this specific way?  What’s our objective in getting you to be specific about your dream?  Are we trying to teach you how to get your creation in the marketplace?  What do you think we want for you?

Because a dream that is alive is LIFE:)!

Anything that anybody wants, whether it’s a a creation of a production or a pile of money or a new house or a relationship , everything that everybody wants is because they think they will feel better in the having of it.  You’ve just shown yourself that you can feel better in the having of the dream of it and once you really know that, then the manifestation will follow.  We want you to come into vibrational alignment, we want you to finally be one of the co-operative components to this thing that has been brewing for so long that when it starts rampaging through your mind it’s going to blow your mind how much in there percolating.  You haven’t even begun to tap into the creativity that is there.  It’s just going to be thrilling to you to watch.

You said earlier that you are good at this.  You have no idea of how good at this you are.  You know what happens when you line up with this, do you know how many people are looking for something that they can add their dollars to, that are out there just trolling around vibrationally for things?  There’s all kinds of money just moving around in there and you said where is it, I can’t see it, that’s because you didn’t keep your dream alive for a while.  Once you let yourself yield to the creative juice that are flowing, the next logical step is somebody is going to show up and say ‘I’ve been looking for you, I’ve been waiting for someone who had a dream I could invest in’.  Nobody wants to invest in a dead dream but when you are alive with it, it attracts those who want to play with you and there are so many that want to play in that way.  There are more opportunities for you to do what you do in a very lucrative and productive and passionate way than ever before.

This is the time for your dream to come into fruition but before it does, you just gotta line up with it.”

There you go.  Abraham was obviously speaking to someone in the ‘hot seat’ here but the conversation as it often is, is so universally applicable.

How does that fit with you and where you find yourself with your ‘good dreams’?  Feel welcome to comment below.

And in the meantime, three cheers to your ‘GOOD DREAMS:)!!!’…

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