Grain Brain – David Perlmutter MD

October 22, 2013


David’s book Grain Brain, was just released last month. When a neurologist speaks up about how grain and carbs affect the brain – think dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression and much, much more, you can bet this info is getting more mainstream:)

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It’s always a nice feeling to get confirmation of what you’ve been sharing with people, like I’ve been doing, for the past few years as I’ve delved into this area myself, changing from a vegan-vegetarian diet to a hunter gatherer one.   I’ve shared my thoughts with you all here:  Grain Brain is one I’ll be adding to my next update to the webinars that are on that page.

From Dr’s Michael & Mary Dan Eades’ ‘Protein Power’ I first got clarity on the need to eat less than 30 grams of carbohydrates a day if I wanted to lose body fat.  The main adaption I made to their recommendations was to be grain free.  I did that because I’d been wheat free for a couple of decades.  Once you are down to the weight you want or your symptoms are relieved they recommended going to 55gms of carbohydrate a day.

It’s interesting that David Perlmutter MD suggests the same:  30 gms of carbohydrate a day for the first month and then 60 grams a day after that.  (that is IF your body is able to handle that much)  Replacing the calories from carbs with good healthy fats.  Our brains as he says are starving for fats and being fried by the amount of carbohydrates in our diets.

I found the video above at a later date.   This following link to a Dr Oz’s episode with David was in the original version of this post.  I’ve left it in FYI.  You’ll see the nutshells of David’s recommendations to save, preserve and rebuild our brain function and Dr Oz as many before him, myself included, gets to eat a bit of humble pie:

As David said in his book this diet basically is like a reset switch for your brain.





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