Women Excel In Network Marketing

I came across this great article today about how women are excelling in network marketing.  This piece especially stood out for me.

I see tremendous value in network marketing and understand why so many women are getting involved, said Donna M. Baxter, president of NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh.  She pointed out that statistics indicate that 82 percent of women in the United States who make $100,000 a year or more accomplished it through direct sales.’  Direct Sales and Network Marketing are virtually synonymous these days.  As most direct sales companies follow a network marketing model.

Think about that – 82% of women making over $100,000 a year, do that in network marketing.  That’s a phenomenal success rate.  And goes to show that there may be glass ceilings in the corporate world but certainly not in network marketing.

That’s been born out by my 25 years of experience in the industry.   Women form the backbone of my group and most of the groups I know.   You can get a visual of that from us hamming it up for the camera at one of our leadership events earlier this year.   Women are predominating as you can see:).   People from all walks of life, from top corporate to grassroots, are being successful here.

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So why are women excelling in network marketing?

I believe it’s because network marketing accepts women as they are and plays to their strengths.  Women generally want more flexibility to work around the family, to create community, build relationships and help people.  That’s what’s at the core of any network marketing business.

And no glass ceiling?  What woman hasn’t rightfully riled against that one?

Could our group be a fit for you?

Not all companies and groups are the same.  There is often a distinct culture or flavour in each company.  This can be driven by how the company pays you.  Does it pay you for competing or co-operating?  Does it pay you to work with your strongest people or your weakest?   How big a group will you need to develop to earn the same amount of money?  e.g.  Does it take just 3 good people you personally work with and a group of 624 people to be earning $10,000 a month, as it does with us?  Or does it take 3,000 to 9,000 people to earn that, as it does with some other companies.   Of course you can create your own culture and flavour no matter what the company.   It’s just easier if you’re in sync from the beginning.

We can’t promise we’re a good fit for you.  All I can say is if the thought intrigues you and you’d like to check us out more, contact me and I’ll introduce you to some of the people you’d be working with if this was a good fit for you.

We’re at an interesting point in our development.  Our parent company has given birth to a new baby.  It’s quite likely as the baby grows it will build on the success of the parent, multiply it many times over and give back to the parent, like any child would want to.   For the moment though, we’re calling them sister’s:).






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