You know, it’s one thing to want wealth and it’s another to have it, preserve it and help it grow.  I believe it’s worthy of our time, energy and focus to master all of that.

Hopefully you are fully engaged with work that you love and you’re both contributing to the world and looking after yourself and your family to your delight and satisfaction.  If so I congratulate you and truly hope you find those blessings continue.

If you haven’t found work that you love or aren’t able to support yourself and your family to the extent that you want to, then I may have something for you and then again, I may not.


Creating Wealth

We are in some of the most interesting financial times of perhaps all time.  Life is changing and along with it, what we need to do to take care of ourselves and our families.

I have a sense that there are far reaching economic changes afoot.  It wasn’t that long ago that 90% of the population was self employed in the family farm or family business.  That was before the industrial revolution, where financial security became working for the corporation and having a good job.

With the current financial drama our picture of what it takes to be financially secure is changing once again and the concerning thing is that there seems to be no positive end in sight.  As people look at their options to avoid being one of those that fall through the cracks as the system changes, one of the leading lights of the new evolving economy is  Network Marketing.  Because of it’s unique blend of self employment attached to a strong corporation, it benefits from the best of both worlds.

Network Marketing  can be the most frustrating thing if approached wrong.  Both for you and others.  It can also be the most fulfilling experience imaginable, if it’s approached right.  You need a strong heart, an open mind and to feel like it’s the right fit for you.  Both the company and the team of people you are working with need to be in sync with who you are as a person so that you can feel in harmony with the work that you’ll need to do.

If you like working with and helping people and are looking for something to either:

  • add some extra income to your life,
  • develop something for your retirement
  • create a complete career shift
  • give you more of a sense of freedom in your life
  • or maybe all of those…

Then maybe this could be worth you looking into.

I’ve been in Network Marketing pretty much full time since 1992, earning up to $100,000pa.   I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.     If you would like to look further into this, to see if working with me on this might be a fit for you, I’d  be delighted to talk with you and introduce you to some of the team I work with so you can get a better idea if you could find a home here too.

Here’s a 30 minute overview on who we are and what we offer you.  It’s a team I’ve been working with for the past 16 years.  We are working together as The Success Collaborative, which is an expanding group of leaders:

Business Overview – Webinar with Manfred Raunigg

What You Appreciate Appreciates

From some abysmal investments that have hurt a lot, I’ve learned one thing that is worth passing on.

Sometimes it’s good to appreciate what you’ve got and instead of a blinkered focus on the gains to be made.   Remember to keep in mind that basic fundamental investment principle – the security of your capital.

The return of your money is always better than the return on your money.

You need to think about that as investment rules #’s 1-10.

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