Sugar vs Fat and all that

January 2, 2016


It’s January 1 or 2 depending on where you live and it’s time to look at those New Year’s resolutions after a time of excess.

I’m still carb tolerant enough to be able to let myself go a little (I do mean a little) over Christmas and New Year and not have much trouble getting back on track.   AND the really good thing is that I know what track I need to go on:).

If you haven’t sorted out as much rubbish as I have though, you could be confused if you’re not sure of yourself and you look to the news and TV to teach you.

I saw two things on January 1 in NZ that inspired me to write this.

1.  The NZ Herald came out with this story, apparently one of Life And Styles biggest stories of 2015.

NZ Herald Jan 1 2016 Kerryn Peters

 2.  Later that day PRIME took up prime time TV with the intrepid medical twins and their Sugar vs Fat drama.

If you’ll notice they both basically say the same thing – use some inner discipline, eat real food and get some exercise.

That will work for some people and I’m not knocking Kerryn’s achievement, she’s done a great job with herself. But and it’s a big BUT, pun intended, it depends on how intolerant to carbs you are, whether you can do what she did.   As I said above I’m still carb tolerant enough to be able to let myself slip because I know it’s relatively easy for me to get back on a low carb track (20-30 gms a day) and I know how to do that and I know that works for me.

But if you don’t know that for yourself, articles and videos like these can set you off on another wrong track for another year.  You can get results faster and easier when you get on the right track for you.  That’s what you want isn’t it?

So, first off, if you need some rebuttal on the Sugar v Fat video, here are some worthwhile links:

Hopefully those will help you set the record straight and help you recover your equanimity so you are in a better space to make decisions from.

Second, if you need to re-educate yourself fill out the form on the top right for my FREE 5 Resources Report.  That’s the best of what I know in a nutshell. 

Time is of the essence, use it well and make 2016 be the year you master this.   Any questions or comments let me know below.

Happy New Year:)


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