Statin’s Exposed

November 1, 2013


The Heart of the Matter Pt 2

ABC’s The Heart of the Matter Part 2 by Dr Maryanne Demasi

brings to light more of the conflicting pressures brought on the doctor-patient relationship to prescribe statins and to some salient points that may change the course of history for these drugs.

Take home points for me:

  • Statins are the biggest selling and likely most profitable drugs ever
  • Only 1 or 2 in 100 benefit
  • Side effects can be prolonged and deadly
  • Drug companies need to disclose all the research to the authorities before approval and not hold things back like they have been

Click on the link to view and read the transcript:

What do you think?  Feel welcome to comment below…


p.s. Due to industry pressure ABC has been forced to remove this documentary series so that it is no longer available for viewing.



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