November 18, 2014


“The time when humanity woke up and got it together:)”

Great documentary.  Almost nothing I didn’t agree with.  No doubt, once you get on their email list there will be plenty of marketing that comes with it.  I recommend you keep a level head with that and enjoy the documentary.  It’s free to watch online till November 22.

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“Origins” will make a lot of sense out of one of my slides that I show in my talks:

200,000 to 20

You may need to zoom in to read it properly or you can click on it and click on it again in the new page to open up the full sized image.

10,000 years is the time since we’ve had agriculture.  Before that and right to this day there are still people’s living a hunter gatherer lifestyle.

150 years is the time we’ve had since the modern milling machines to refine grains to a level never seen before.

50 years is the time we’ve had since developing wheat that had 40 times more gluten in it and told people to stop eating fat (and with it animal protein) and have more carbohydrates (grains) and sugar, to make up for the loss of taste when you cut fat out of foods.

Hardly time for us to adapt.  I hope you see that if you haven’t before.

Time to go back to our ‘Origins’ with the help of technology and a deep respect for life.

Above all I love the optimism and hope this documentary leads to.

I wonder what you’ll feel inspired to do after watching it?  Let me know below.

For me, I’ve had in mind to start making sauerkraut at home.  This is one more prod in that direction:)!


p.s.  for my thoughts on healthy eating that stops the battle within:

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