Nutrition Impact Triangle

July 23, 2014


Knowing the Nutrition Impact Triangle

will hopefully help you get a handle on what to look out for when shifting from a carbohydrate based diet to a fat based diet.

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We’ve have been taught to be afraid of fats for the past 40 years.  The tide is turning though and you’d have to be living in a cave to not be aware of the major reversal happening in our awareness of how fats are not the devil, they are in fact healthy, good for us and downright essential.

There are however good and bad fats.

On the good side there is lard, suet, butter, the things my mum used to cook with and the later more popular additions like extra virgin olive and coconut oils

On the bad side we’ve all pretty much got transfats are the devil but are also starting to realise any seed or nut oil is not much better – soya bean oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil etc.

So in the video when I talk about replacing carbs with fats, I’m talking about the good fats.

Stimulated by my own blood fats going bad in my mid 50’s, my transition from 35 years of vegetarianism, including 10 years of being a wheat free vegan, has been, in part, a journey to get through my own fear of fat.  I’ve had to learn to pay attention as I say in the video to my hunger and energy levels to make an effective transition from a HCLF/high carbohydrate low fat diet to a LCHF/low carbohydrate high fat.

The aim of this video is to help make that transition easier for you.

I have to wonder whether the proverbial is hitting the fan right now because the people who went through medical school in the 70’s. like myself, are all facing their body’s falling apart in various ways as they reach their 50’s and 60’s and they just know there’s something wrong in what we’ve been teaching people all these years because they’ve witnessed the struggle their patients have been through and they don’t want to go down the same helpless route.  That uneasiness has led them to search further afield and change their own lives with a change in diet as they come to understand the validity of what I’m talking about here in the Nutrition Impact Triangle and find for themselves their own conditions (bad blood fats & blood sugars, high blood pressure, diabetes etc) are improved.  At this point they ‘see the light’ and want to wake up the sleeping masses, as they are indeed doing.

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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