My Blood Fats are back to normal levels

March 15, 2011


Just got some delightful news – my latest blood fats are good:)

They went up over the past few years (after 3 decades of healthy vegetarian living:)!) which was why I changed my diet (after lots of research and soul searching, and I definitely didn’t do what was suggested by my doctor – lots of fruit and veg, plenty of wholegrain breads, keep red meat to a minimum etc etc etc that we all hear everyday)

Here’s the comment from him that I got today:
“Hi- results enclosed. Not too bad. In terms lipids most important figure is Tot cholesterol : HDL ratio which is 4.5. We aim for <4.5 hence essentially there. EGFR (kidney function test) pretty good too- unusual to get more than 90 to be honest (in fact the normal range quoted used to be >60) Cheers Bruce”
That comment about kidney function is pretty interesting too given I’m eating more protein.

I’ve got one more change I would like to make which is to base most of my snacks on half the amount of protein I need in each meal. My tendency has been to snack on nuts and a little fruit.

How did I do it? You can access the information and support at:

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