Law of Attraction Made Simple

March 12, 2011


I loved the simplicity and elegance of this one from Abraham:

“You’re picky about the car you drive. You’re picky about what you wear. You’re picky about what you put in your mouth. We want you to be pickier about what you think.”

The idea being – that your thoughts drive how you feel and you need to make feeling good a priority.

One way to apply this could be: the next time you catch your self thinking about what you’ve got that you don’t want and why you’ve got that, use that awareness to shift your thinking to what that experience has helped you decide that you do want, WHY you want it and what life would feel like with it.

Just like when you’re getting dressed for the day and you try a few outfit variations until you get the one that looks and feels the best (guys play along with me here, girls you know what I mean:)!) imagine you could take off your thoughts with equal ease and try on some different ones until you feel good about getting on with your day.


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