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April 16, 2015


It’s a good thing that news reports all over the world are coming out in favour of butter.

There are some great historical clips in here including Ancel Keys and his dramatic visual of tipping over test tubes to indicate people dying.  You can get a sense of how persuasive he was.  That’s one of the ways he pushed the saturated fat was bad for you hypothesis as proven fact.  What we are seeing now as that this was not just as the wrong message but that even the science is being proven to have been wrong.

It was also interesting for me looking at the shots in the supermarket to see what’s on the shelves behind people.  Most of our food these days are highly processed foods laden with sugar and refined grain.

YouTube Preview Image

The main failure in the message from this programme for me though, is that it’s easy to blame processed foods.  We all know intuitively they’re not as good as whole foods.    BUT even whole grains are unhealthy as we are coming to understand.

The message to eat your butter but not a lot of it is good in the context of a diet that still includes high carbohydrate whole grains like wheat, rye, barley and oats.  But it’s not good when you take those grains out of the diet, which I HIGHLY recommend that you do.  That’s when most of us do need a higher percentage of calories as fat.

And it doesn’t have to be loads of it as you can see here:

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