Imagine That:)?!

November 21, 2013


Imagine that:)?!

You can start earning money for $0.00 with a free website that you can immediately share with people that sells a price competitive, healthier energy drink, with more active ingredients & less sugar and gives cash back!

While you get 10% on every order:)!

You used to be able to order the $0.00 Affiliate Pack right off the website

But now you just need to email me your details (Your Name, Business Name if you want it shown, Email, Phone Number, Address including Street, State & Zip Code, Country.  USA, Canada & NZ are open for affiliates)   and I will need to set it up for you:

* As of the 21st of November 2013, product is only available to be shipped to the US market.  (new countries coming online soon – this will go GLOBAL and BIG very quickly, so you don’t want to miss out on this one)


Imagine getting an IMMEDIATE notification like this:)!!

Congrats – you’re on your way

Hey, Darag Rennie,

You rock!  Name Protected  just put in a #DitchTheCan™ order and we hit them up with an email with everything they need to know. Yep, we’re cool like that. Keep up the good work. We knew you could do it!

The next step is to help this new person in your network set up their FREE DTC marketing website so they can start sharing and earning.

Keep up the great work,

Team DTC


Imagine getting Immediate Payment:)!!!

Once someone orders as well as notification, you’ll get an email inviting you to join Pay Quicker , where you can set up an account and access your money.  Depending on your bank it may take 24-72 hours.

Needing money to make money is truly a thing of the past.  All you need now is your imagination and a willingness to put it out there.




Follow your nose from there.

Of course if you want to try some of that amazing energy drink Kaos Gold, don’t let me stop you:)!


Set Your FREE Website Up:)!!!!

YouTube Preview Image


Get Going:)!!!!!

Who do you know anyone who drinks energy drinks?

Who do you know that could use some more money?


You could be getting cash in your online wallet in HOW LONG?:)!!!!!!

Imagine THAT:)?!


Background info if you need it:




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