Heart of the Matter – Special Edition

November 18, 2013


22nd July 2015 Update

The link in the original post below will show you that ABC were forced to take this information offline.

But at least the 2 part documentary itself is still available.  I recommend watching it as a step in making your own mind up about cholesterol and heart disease.


Original Post – Nov 2013

The Heart of the Matter If you’ve enjoyed the last two posts on the Cholesterol Myth’s Explored and Statin’s Exposed you’ll love this Special Edition of the Heart of the Matter by ABC and Dr Maryanne Demasi.

You’ll see plenty of unused footage in the videos of each interview plus there are some great downloads.

If the cholesterol and statin issue is of interest for you this one will be a great one to bookmark.

Click the link below to view:    http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/heartofthematter/default.htm



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