Low Carb High Fat – How many doctors will it take?

I’ve been thinking of creating this page for a few months, now on my 59th birthday, it’s time:)

There’s a wave breaking on the shore of accepted nutritional theory.   It’s been building for a while, as brave doctors make a stand for what they know to be true from their own personal experience, only to be swallowed up by the prevailing high carbohydrate, low fat tide.

But they’ve been gathering force, soon to be a tsunami of change that will wipe the slate clean.

This page is dedicated to them.  It’s a work in progress that will be continuously updated till the last straw is added and the real fad, the high carb low fat diet camel’s back is broken and we can all get on with our lives secure in the knowledge that the world has finally acknowledged the simple truth of what works.  Hopefully never to be forgotten again.  Hence the title – Low Carb, High Fat – How many doctors will it take? – to break that camel’s back?

It will take a while to get the ones I already know on here.  You may know of others you’d like to see added to this list.  Please email me at darag@daragrennie.com with your favourite doctors who are part of this sea change in nutritional theory and practice.

One of the ways you can get the most value out of this page is to bookmark it, and come back regularly to watch another video.  Whether that’s once a day, once a week , once a month, or when you feel you need it. I’ve found that re-educating myself by doing just that (as well as reading books) has been invaluable to help me with my own transition from a high carb low fat diet to a low carb high fat one.

Dr Darag Rennie – New Zealand

I’ve encapsulated and simplified what I’ve learnt over the last few years, so anyone can understand not just the why but the all important how.  I promise I’m not as severe as I look in that still shot:).




You can see my evolving thoughts, which I update from time to time,  on this page: http://daragrennie.com/evolving-food-pyramids



Dr’s Michael and Mary Dan Eades – USA

Michael & Mary DanI’ve put this lovely couple first because their book Protein Power was the book that a three years ago finally got the concept and the understanding through to me in a clear way that I could immediately put into practice.  The name of the book was chosen by the editor’s not Michael and Mary Dan so don’t get deluded and think it’s all about protein.

This video misses a bit in translation because they don’t show the slides but Michael’s got some great points in there.



Prof Grant Schofield – New Zealand

I just met Grant last week at a Sugary Drink Free Symposium at the Auckland Medical School.  Great video which I like because it’s home grown (NZ) and features a dietician who has turned to the ‘dark side’ (according to mainstream) but we know she has really found the light:)

YouTube Preview Image



Dr Andreas Eenfeldt – Sweden

Andreas Eenfeldt, MDI’ve put Andreas next because he’s Swedish and as he writes in his blog, a low carb high fat has gone from fad diet to best in the test…  This report from SBU (Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment) is likely to be the basis for future dietary guidelines for obesity treatment within the Swedish health care system.

The exciting thing here is that it’s no longer about isolated doctor’s singing this song.  Here it’s about a whole country.  How exciting would it be if more countries started singing in harmony with this:)?!



I love this video of his: YouTube Preview Image  You’ll see some interesting questions coming at the end from people like Prof Robert Lustig


Dr David Perlmutter – USA

I love this video of a very candid interview with David.  Great Q&A session at the end.   David’s book Grain Brain was perhaps my favourite of 2013.  Why?  Because it comes up with exactly the same recommendations that I’ve been talking about for a while but from a completely different point of view.  From the view of your brain.  So if you won’t, or don’t feel the need, to do this for your belly, your pancreas, your blood sugar, your arteries etc etc, please do it for your brain.   As David says carbs destroy your brain and he places a good chunk of the blame for the rising tide of Alzheimer’s firmly on the dietary recommendations of the past 40 years.  Your brain is definitely something you don’t want to be without.  So listen up and take action.

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Dr Eric Westman – USA

Next up I’ll call these guys the 3 Musketeers because they worked together to produce The New Atkins For A New You.  Another book I highly recommend.  In terms of knowing the WHAT to do or HOW to eat, this would be my top choice.   It was this book that got through to me the need to eat more salt.


Dr Stephen Phinney – USA

YouTube Preview Image

Stephen and Jeff have some material in these videos that should be particularly interesting to athletes of all sorts.


Dr Jeff Volek – USA

YouTube Preview Image

Great answers at the end to a question about gout and other things.


Prof Robert Lustig – USA

Robert is leading the charge against the sugar industry.  His book Fat Chance is one of my favourites.  When I met him at the www.fizz.org.nz symposium recently at the Auckland Medical School he recommended this video is the simplest and best of his to listen to so you can understand what the real elephant in the room is.

YouTube Preview Image


Dr Mary Vernon – USA

I’ve added Mary in here because I thought this page was getting a bit male dominated (at this point it was 14/0 – I’ll see if I can find one for Mary Dan Eades) so I searched on the net and found Mary on Andreas’ site.   Below you’ll hear her wonderfully warm story about her work as a General Practitioner and her steadfast intent to improve the lives of her patients as she began questioning what she was taught to teach people that she found just really didn’t work.   It’s also fun for me to hear her recommend the same books as I’ve recommended above.  Protein Power & The New Atkins For A New You.

YouTube Preview Image

Dr Jay Wortman – Canada

I love the work Jay has been doing with the Namgis, the First Nation tribe of Alert Bay, Canada.  It’s always interesting to me that Jay, like so many other doctors, came to this diet through his own experience of dealing with his own problems.  In this case it was diabetes.   The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary “My Big Fat Diet” is no longer available online but here is a good interview that Jay did with Andreas, here:

You can read Jay’s story here: http://www.drjaywortman.com/blog/wordpress/about/

Dr Dwight Lundell – USA

Dwight was a heart surgeon who left the scalpel behind in favour of educating people.  For decades he saw inflammation in the arteries he was working with and he finally realised that helping people reduce that inflammation was the key, so that less people would end up on the operating table or worse.

The Great Cholesterol Lie

Dr Troy Stapleton – Australia

Troy as a doctor knew the horrific complications awaiting people with diabetes and wanted to do everything possible to avoid them when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as he entered his 50’s.  So he did everything by the book.  Have a listen to his story and how he went against the standard treatment practice and got his blood sugars, HbA1c and many other indicators in the best control possible

YouTube Preview Image


Dr Richard Bernstein – USA

Troy talks about Dr Richard Bernstein being extremely influential.  You’ll find more info on a past blog post: http://daragrennie.com/health/dr-richard-bernsteins-diabetes-solution

I also found this video series.  It gets a bit technical after about #4 but you’ll here his own fascinating story in the first few.  If you have any form of diabetes, listen up.

YouTube Preview Image


Dr Gary Fettke – Australia

Gary is an Australian Orthopaedic Surgeon who struggled with his weight since he was young like I did.  He also had cancer in his 30’s.  A common thread you’ll find in this page is how each doctor has come to question the accepted medical information because of their own personal challenges.   There’s some new information here for me, like how the body can create fructose all by itself.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve included his summary page for this video:



 Dr Theodore Naiman – USA

I found Ted Naiman through a FaceBook post of Gary Fettke’s.  He struggled with his weight too until he found LCHF.

YouTube Preview Image

He’s got some great exercise tips on his site too. http://burnfatnotsugar.com/  Exercise is probably one of my least favourite things to focus on, unless it’s for play or some other function, like chopping wood for the fire.  I’ve been doing High Intensity Interval Training because it’s short but I like the twist of going to muscle failure that Theodore works with.  15min just twice a week probably keeps it in line with what Stephen Gundry thinks wouldn’t be too much for your genes, as well.


Dr Michael Fox – USA

Here’s an endocrinologist who specialises in infertility.  Have a listen to how much more effective a LCHF diet has been than standard treatments for infertility related to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  PCOS accounts for more than half of all infertility cases and instead of just over 50%  positive results in these situations Michael is now getting close to 100% pregnancy response rates.  That should tell us something:)!

YouTube Preview Image


Dr Jason Fung – Canada

I love Jason’s straight talking.  As a kidney doc dealing with the worst diabetic patients imaginable I believe he has an important message for all of us.  I agree with 99% of what was said.  The info on WHEN to eat is really good.  I believe Jason may not have caught up with the issue of grains though.  CHO with fibre is good yes and OK from vegetables but grains cause so many problems.  I recommend neurologist Dr David Perlmutter to get a grasp on that.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s his page with a lot more info: http://kidneylifescience.ca

Dr William Davis – USA

William has taken the ‘staff of life’ head on by taking a term we know so well ‘beer belly’ and making our minds sit up straight with his book ‘Wheat Belly’,  Of course it’s about a lot more than wheat but wheat is the central piece of his book as the wheat we eat today bears little resemblance to the wheat our ancestors ate.  One of the central themes of William’s work is that gluten intolerance is not just about coeliac disease.  There is a range of gluten intolerances with coeliac disease being at the top of it and modern wheat, bred for more and more gluten is a major challenge for our systems.   You might just start to see that ‘staff of life’ turn into the staff the grim reaper holds with a vicious blade on top of it.


Dr James Carlson – USA

I love James’ down to earth, candid honesty of how he finally found a way out of his own medical training to heal himself of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.  He’s another who found Protein Power was a key to his own journey.

YouTube Preview Image

He continues here helping us bust out of the myths we all suffer from around diet.

YouTube Preview Image


Dr Terry Wahls – USA

If none of the above has got your attention maybe a doc who transformed her body that was wracked with multiple sclerosis will?

YouTube Preview Image

I featured her on a previous blogpost and took some notes you might find helpful: http://daragrennie.com/health/paleo-diet-helps-doctor-with-multiple-sclerosis


Prof Tim Noakes – South Africa

Funny, it’s my 60th birthday and here I am again adding to this page:)

One person that has really pushed the LCHF envelope this year has been Tim Noakes.  I love that he so unashamedly and delightfully admits that he had it wrong.  We need more medical scientists with that trait.  Tim produced the first carb loading gel and pushed carb loading for marathon runners for years.  A marathon runner himself he wondered why he struggled to keep his weight down as he grew older.  Getting diabetes was his turning point.  Now he’s ‘seen the LCHF light’ he’s a profound force in the world.  Together with Karen Thomson, granddaughter of the world famous heart surgeon, Christiaan Barnard, they’ve recently completed the first international LCHF Summit that featured a lot of the people you see on this page.  Despite the serious amount of flak he’s getting, which prompted Karen to create the conference, I believe it’s a toss up between South Africa and Sweden as to which country will be the first to take on LCHF guidelines officially.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a good overview blogpost on Tim.

The Last Word

If you don’t believe the doc’s above maybe you won’t believe this bear either?  You’ll understand that question when you listen to this:

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll continue to add more doc’s above this but I’ll probably reserve the last word for this well versed bear:)

All the best for your journey.   Pass this on so we can help wake up your family and friends.


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