Rejoyning – Breath, Mind & Emotion at Play

Copyright © 2012 by Darag Rennie

There is nothing of greater advantage to you—

or that links you more powerfully with the Source from which you have come—

than that of your breathing.  


I believe that to reconnect with the light, which we are, is our ultimate journey here.  I also believe that is best done not by forsaking the world but by entering into it with greater and greater awareness.

To bring this light into our everyday action is therefore our primary responsibility.

I see the breath as an exquisitely beautiful bridge between spirit and body that can help us both touch that light and bring it to bear/manifest in our daily activities, i.e.  our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your breath is both a way to connect to who you truly are as well as a reflection of how easy or difficult that connection is for you.

Freeing your breath is tantamount to freeing your connection to who you are and your relationship to your life at a fundamental level.

From 1979 – 1992 I worked with a conscious connected breathing process called Rebirthing.  Then I took a long break, which has given me what I believe are some important perspectives.   A simple way to look at it is that I have rebirthed rebirthing, for myself, as Rejoyning.  Because for me that more accurately describes both the process and the result.

While the term rebirthing can subtly redirect our focus to primal pain & struggle, the term rejoyning hopefully lifts awareness to reconnecting with the ever-present experience of joy & ease.

I have also shifted the focus from breathwork, which obviously insinuates work and implies that we have to work to get or achieve something, to breathplay, suggesting the opposite.  We have already arrived, we simply need to recognize and enJOY that.

Or put another way, if you continually focus on what’s wrong with you, how will you ever find what’s right?  Learning to appreciate you, as well as everything and everyone around you, is both an art and a science.

I don’t believe that we can transform ourselves but instead I believe that we can recognize who we are and that recognition is transforming.

You’ll generally need to allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for this.  We’ll start with talking about what’s up for you and what you want, then I’ll guide  you through a breathplay energy cycle.

Treat yourself to a remarkable adventure of self discovery.

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