Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives

September 22, 2012


I decided to post this asap as I believe I remember reading in an email that you can watch this video for FREE online for 7 days. The email arrived yesterday or the day before and I can’t find it to verify that, but I had bookmarked the link to the video:

This situation so reminds me of the drama and lies around whether smoking causes damage to humans, that many of us were witness to in past decades. Do you remember the representatives from the tobacco industry standing up in court to say they believed smoking caused no harm? And we have seen the fruits of that challenge – tobacco companies have been progressively reduced from being able to advertise health benefits and social propaganda like “More Doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette” (For those of you who don’t know, Camels are a brand of cigarette not the beloved animal of the desert.) to not being allowed to advertise and have horrendous pictures and warnings on every packet. Of course I hear they now fund movies where stars smoke in the movie.

And while I don’t believe GMO is the ONLY reason that we are facing the widespread health challenges that we are, it could very well be a big part of it and it’s the reason that I personally eat organic produce, natural fed animals and fish and make sure we have a natural sourced whole food mineral supplement – Body Balance. You’ll see some interesting comments on minerals in the video too.

So, if you want more reasons why you want to avoid GM foods, or if you’re just downright curious about the level of skullduggery that has gone on, or you want to know the depth of how it looks to be affecting real people, then invest the time in watching the video:

To summarize the key points on how to avoid GMO’s, I’ve transcribed the options below:

“There are only 9 GM crops but their derivatives are in over 75% of our processed foods.
Corn (NOT popcorn)
Cottonseed (for oil)
Canola (for oil)
Sugar beets (for sugar)
Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
Yellow crookneck squash
Alfalfa (for hay)

Options to avoid GMO’s:
1. Buy organic,
2. Buy products labelled non GMO
3. Pay attention to non GMO shopping guides: iphone app also available there.
4. Avoid all products that include soy, corn, cottonseed oil and sugar beets.
5. Be Aspartame free. (derived from a genetically engineered micro-organism)”

I loved the comment on the acknowledgement reel at the end – “No DNA was harmed in the making of this film”:)!

Nice to have a sense of humour involved:) And there really is a very positive message, from the movie, of how likely it is that change will be created here, just like it was in the tobacco industry.  But it does take people voting with their wallets and food choices and spreading the word.

I encourage you to take some form of action to look after the health of yourself and your kids, if you have them, and to spread the word about the movie.

Let’s know what you think of the GMO process and what you plan to do about it in the comments below.

To your health and well-being and in love and appreciation,


UPDATE:  the option to watch this free ends US time, Sat midnight EST, Sept 22, 2012, which is 4pm Sun 23rd NZT.  You will of course always be able to buy the DVD at:

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