First steps in overcoming fear of putting yourself out there

March 19, 2013


I love this video Marie Forleo did with her beau, Josh Paish.

The first time I really remember coming face to face with stage fright, in a big way, was doing a presentation in front of my 200 medical school classmates.  There I was at the bottom of the rising semi circle of benches and tables, full of expectant faces and peering eyes, at the lectern with my notes and my slides, or whatever it was that I had on the board.  While I don’t remember anything about the detail, I remember vividly how it felt.  My body and brain went numb, I could hardly move my tongue because it had just dried up as if I’d been in the Sahara for a week, there was the sense of being jammed in a plastic bubble that no one could see – with a layer between me and reality, my body was shaking and when I looked down at my notes I couldn’t read the words I’d written!   I don’t know how I got through it but somehow I did.

I also remember when I used to lead seminars that it would take half a day for what felt like a rod of iron up my back, to relax and for joy and ease to replace fear & .

The same can happen whether I’m with one person or many.

Over the years it’s got less and less as I’ve learned to ride the torrents of feeling inside my body & brain when I’m with people.

Josh does a great job here of simplifying the process of  working with what’s going on inside rather than against it and allowing what’s inside an avenue to get out:)!


YouTube Preview Image

Here’s his website:

Summary of key points of video:

1.  Let go of the need to overcome something.  All feelings are just atoms in your body vibrating.  Not good or bad, so no need to judge them and all awesome in their own right.

2.  Nickname your ‘vibes’.  Give them fun names that take the sense of internal judgement off them and allow them simply to be.

3.  Ride it, don’t hide it.   Your feelings are creative fuel aiming to propel you into action.  Get the reality that it’s just energy propelling you out there.  When you are authentic with what’s going on inside, wearing your heart on your sleeve and ride with it, your feelings will unfold as they become your guide rails to where you are going.




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