Evolving Food Pyramids

Stop The Battle So You Can Win The War

Thanks for your interest in looking after yourself:)!

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Evolving Food Pyramids

My 5 Resources To Help You End Your Battle With Food And Your Weight, So You Can Win The War, will give you the key points in the shortest time.

Without knowing it, we create an ongoing battle in our bodies with the food we eat.   Often it’s the “healthy” food we are unwittingly eating that creates the battle.  In order to Stop the Battle you need to know which foods are your enemies and which are your allies.   Are you ‘friend or foe’ is a question we should be asking about our food:)!

This report will give you clarity on that.  Once you know, accept and work with the understanding of which is food friend and which is food foe you will be well on your way to Winning The War because you will no longer be turning your body into a battleground on a daily and hourly basis.  You will instead be giving your body what it needs most, to help you perform and be at your best.

Over time I aim to create a modular course that you’ll be able to buy, that further highlights the key points that I’ve used to transform my experience of being alive in my body.  In the meantime you can access it in pdf form or a longer video below.

As I say in one of the slides:

How do you know when you’ve hit the right note?  Your body will respond by snapping to attention, ready for your next move, your mind will come alive, your emotions will soar, you’ll have energy to burn, you’ll go to sleep easily and your rest will be sweet and delicious.

Isn’t that how we all want to feel?

It is such an exciting thing to feel an increasing level of trust, confidence & delight as you learn to listen to your body’s love language, give it what it loves and feel it respond.


Evolving Food Pyramids 3.0

Food Fixes

Food can be used as a fix.  Or for our body to fix itself up.

The choice is yours:).


Pdf versions of my power point.

Evolving-Food-Pyramids – YGY – Modules

The slides are pretty self explanatory so you should be able to follow along easily and learn lots.  There are clickable links that take you to various articles that are worth reading/looking at.  At the end you will also see some slides from the 1.0 and 2.0 versions and you should be more educated about diet and nutrition than most doctor’s and dieticians.

For a shorter PDF, here is one from I talk I did 25th August 2016:

The Lies That Keep Us Sick, Fat & TIred and What We Can Do To Feel Healthy, Slim & Energetic


50 minute overview

Here’s an overview of what I call the 1st lie we’ve been told – that saturated fat is bad for youYouTube Preview Image

That lie is cracking in a big way with all the publicity coming out from around the world about doctor’s trying to wake us all and the authorities up to the public health disaster they have created.

This page shares with you what I recommend to handle the second lie, that most people still ‘believe’ (remember the human being is the only animal that eats according to it’s beliefs) – that you can get everything you need from a healthy diet – Yeah Right:)!!!!



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Need A Mentor?

I know how long it can take to figure this all out on your own.  If you’ve got the commitment and the drive you can figure it all out from my info above and rewrite your future.  Indeed, I’ve put this together so that your journey can be  more direct than my circuitous and sometimes torturous route.

As you likely know, it’s one thing to have the information and it can be entirely another thing to change your behaviour.   That’s where a mentor can be extremely useful.  A good mentor will provide these 4 elements that are all needed to help you change your behaviour around food.

Leadership:  If you want to get from A to B as fast and safely as possible, it really helps to have someone who has been on the journey, who knows where the pitfalls and the shortcuts are, to lead the way.

Focus:  Without bringing your attention consistently into focus on the right path it’s so easy to get lost in the jungles of distracting information out there.

Follow Up:  There are no results in life without follow up.  Good follow up helps us to become more accountable to ourselves.

Steerage:  Having someone who can see where you are going off track and steering you back to the path that will help you create sustainable change can be the real difference between making it or not making it.

If you think you need a mentor, please review my offers here and see if one of them may be a fit for you: http://daragrennie.com/7-weeks-to-a-healthier-happier-you/


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