Dr William Davis’ open letter to Oprah

February 20, 2016


I’ve had a lot of respect and love for Oprah, not that I would call myself a fan, but she’s accomplished a lot in her life and helped a lot of people over the years.

So I was staggered the other day when I heard on the radio that she had just made $18M combining with Weight Watchers and promoting the idea that you could lose weight while eating bread every day.

That will go down as the day that I raised my flag to half mast in terms of my respect for Oprah.  Still love her but respect, sorry, but no.

Here’s a great post, An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey, from Dr William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, that says it all.

Dr William Davis - site

My recommendation is don’t let yourself fall for Oprah’s & Weight Watchers latest advice and use your weakness for bread and their advice to keep you struggling with your body weight for any longer.

Use this as yet another opportunity to solidify the awareness that people and organizations can be severely misguided and lie (intentionally or unintentionally) for profit and you’d be better to not fall for everything you read or hear.

Get educated by doctor’s on the right side of this process and by making the right choices and listening to your own body.  Let it tell you what truly works or not.

Grab my 5 Resources Report if you haven’t read it – top right of the page.  It’s full of active links that will lead you to more learning.




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