Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Defining Moment

November 24, 2016


I loved watching two of the BBC documentaries, Doctor In The House, that made it illegally onto YouTube last year.  In those, Rangan went into people’s homes to help them change the lifestyles that were progressively sending them up the curve to a disease that, as he describes in the video below, can finally be diagnosed.

Optimal Health - Identifiable Disease Curve


What I love most about this TEDx talk is finally hearing Rangan’s personal story about nearly losing his son to a vitamin deficiency. It was this experience which awoke the disquiet he’d been feeling for years, that medicine seemed just about managing disease or simply suppressing people’s symptoms rather than truly helping people, as title of the talk suggests, to disappear their diseases. 

I believe it’s our personal stories that help us most to make the all important choices, that we know we need to make, in our own lives.

Will this video be a defining moment for you?  Or like Rangan will you have to wait till you nearly lose what you love most before you choose to take better care of yourself?  Hopefully your answer is – no, there is no time to wait.  Waiting will only send me further up that curve and makes the disappearing of disease that little bit harder for me.

How To Make Diseases Disappear

YouTube Preview Image


Note of caution

Rangan talks about a number of factors behind chronic disease like diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s.

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Low muscle mass from low exercise levels
  • Gut microbiome
  • Sun deprivation
  • Environmental toxins

The word of caution here is yes all these things matter and yes you do need to look after all of them.  But please note if you want to focus on diet make sure you get the right information.  With the amount of confusion out there about what is a healthy diet it’s easy to miss key information and keep sending yourself up that curve rather than making your way down it to optimal health again.    I’ve brought the best of what I know about food on this page:

Evolving Food Pyramids

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