Closing the Gap – a Law of Attraction Update

October 19, 2010


I’ve been contemplating the Law of Attraction and the idea of the “Gap” for a while.

The ‘Gap’ is the gap between who you are actually showing up as in your life and who you have become as a result of your life experience. Every experience we have of what we don’t want helps us to clarify what we do want and who we want to ‘be’ (in our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones and our work etc). To the extent there is a difference in those two we experience pain and misery. The closer we are to closing the gap the more fun and optimism we enjoy.

How do we close that gap? Here’s 3 ways. Denying the gap widens it. Acknowledging it’s there, narrows it. Beating up on ourselves for not showing up as who we want to show up as only widens the gap. Making where we ‘are’, ‘ok’ and accepting our journey narrows the gap. Continually thinking about not having what we want widens the gap. Entertaining thoughts of loving having what we want, narrows the gap.

Play with that and see if you can become more aware of your ‘gap’ and see if you can bring who you are showing up as more into alignment with who life has shown you, you want to be. (of course the expansion of you is an ongoing process, you will never ‘get it done’, so enjoy the process:).

What do you do to close your ‘gap’? Let us know in the box below…


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  1. admin Says:

    Thanks tv guy,

    I’d agree that there are likely more wonders ‘out there’ than we can imagine from ‘down here’ and I would also suggest the way to open up to them is to be full on with appreciating what we have ‘down here’ and ‘who we are’.

    I know from bitter experience that not appreciating who I am, where I am and who and what I have around me has only made life more miserable. And it kept moving in that direction until I learned that lesson:)


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