Cholesterol Myths Explored

October 26, 2013


I love Dr Maryanne Demasi’s documentaries.  A gutsy, truth seeking and empowering researcher and reporter, in this video she highlights some of my favourite authors as she opens the gaping wounds of the cholesterol hypothesis.

The Heart of the Matter Part 1

Click here for the video, mp3 and transcript


Some take home points for me from this:

Blaming cholesterol for clogging arteries is like blaming firemen for causing fires simply because they are there at the scene.

If $250 million studies can’t prove cholesterol increases your risk of dying from artery blocking heart disease why is massive amounts of money  and energy spent on warning us of it’s ill effects.  And if causation can’t be proved why does modern medicine still promote it as truth despite an ever growing cohort of doctors from widespread disciplines disagreeing with it.

LDL (a carrier of cholesterol to the tissues) is not the problem.  Oxidised or glycated LDL is the problem.   (It’s the high sugar and carbohydrate content of our diets that leads to high glucose levels in the blood and those high glucose levels, still in the ‘normal’ range, is the toxin that deforms the protein molecules of LDL – oxidising them [think rusting] or glycating them, causing irreversible damage to the LDL.)  So how high your LDL is, has a different meaning to how high your glycated LDL is.

Like I’ve often said it will likely take decades before an answer is universally accepted.  In the meantime what does that mean for you?  It’s up to you to make up your own mind and make your own choices.   But remember to make them wisely.   Do the research and make sure you are standing on solid ground.

A great place to start is: 

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