Carbohydrates Can Kill – Dr Robert Su, MD

August 6, 2012


Carbohydrates Can Kill – Carbohydrates And Cancer

I came across Dr Robert Su recently who is another champion for being conscious of and restricting the amount of carbohydrates in our diets.

Like me he had to wait till he had developed some symptoms until he started questioning the ‘healthy’ diet he thought he was eating.  And since making changes he has reversed those symptoms.  For me it was bad blood fats.  For Robert it was hypertension.  But the effect is the same.  Experiencing such a rapid shift in symptoms convinced both of us that there is something important going on here.  If you want to catch up on my thoughts you’ll find those here:

Robert goes a long step further than talking about Carbohydrates being something we can be Intolerant to and takes it to the ultimate truth here that  “Carbohydrates Can Kill”.

Here is one series on his site about Carbohydrates and Cancer.  He has a podcast there and some posts that give the transcript to the podcast.  I find it easier to read as I’m listening both because of his accent and because I retain information better when I’m engaging more of my senses.

You’ll find the podcast on this page:

And the transcripts are below.  You’ll need to go from one to the other as he works his way through the podcast:

 Carbohydrates Can Kill – Dr Robert Su’s Book

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