Carbohydrate Restriction As The First Approach For Diabetics

July 31, 2014


The studies are in from a multinational group of doctors and researchers that carbohydrate restriction should be the first approach for diabetics.

It’s been confusing for me why the Diabetes Associations haven’t taken this approach to heart earlier but now the research is truly in, you would think they should be more willing to listen, learn and teach this.

You’ll find the study here:

Or you can download the pdf, which makes for easier reading, here:

If you’ve got diabetes or pre-diabetes and your doctor or diabetes clinic are not fully up to play with this yet and you want to restrict carbohydrates more than they are suggesting, it might be up to you to refer them to this article so you can get them on board with what you are doing.

The article is already making a hit with online diabetes communities

You’ll notice some of the doctors and researchers in the study are the ones I’ve highlighted on this page:  The Finding the Right Level of Carbohydrate graphic above is from Jeff Volek’s and Steve Phinney’s videos on that page.

As I’ve said before, the tide is changing.   It’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from showing that carbohydrate restriction should be the first approach for diabetics to saying the same for anyone suffering from metabolic syndrome, heart disease and overweight in general.


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How has your condition improved with carbohydrate restriction?

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