Business Proposal For NZ Practitioners

A Business Proposal For You

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from and what I am offering you, let me start off with introducing you to Michelle, a practitioner like you that I called in 2010.  Her story below was written 2 years ago and her journey with us continues to grow.

Michelle Toocaram, Naturopathic Herbalist

Michelle ToocaramI am a naturopathic herbalist and when I first studied nutrition over 20 years ago I was very surprised to discover that we can’t get the nutrition we need from food. The school recommended a seaweed based supplement ( not Body Balance) that tasted horrible but I stuck with it for my family and patients as I could feel the difference on it.

When I arrived in Australia 11 years ago the manufacturer would not support me here so I looked around for alternatives but never found anything suitable that was close to what I had been using. So when Darag called me from NZ nearly 2 years ago and said yes to all my qualifying questions ( all natural, sea vegetables, liquid, no added sugar etc) I was very interested although I didn’t believe him when he said it tasted good.

To cut a long story short Body Balance is of course delicious. I trialled it on myself first…

Read the rest of Michelle’s story and hear from other practitioners.


Hopefully Michelle’s story has given you an inkling of what is possible for you here.  

As a person already successful in business

I offer a Business Proposal for you to evaluate.  Please know that the rest of this proposal was prepared for practitioner’s by practitioner’s from their own personal experience with Life Force and Body Balance.

This business will

  • Bring significant additional income to your business
  • Simply and effectively give your clients better health

It will take about 15 minutes of your time to review this proposal.

I offer you a partnership with an international company that is 30 years old and expanding.

You have the opportunity to introduce an effective regime to your clients.

Many practitioners in your and other modalities have successfully integrated this service with what they are currently doing, with great benefit to their clients and themselves.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Very minimal financial outlay and all in product that you can use or sell.
  • The additional income has enabled many to work shorter hours.
  • All have found a more reliable and steady income without the summer holiday slump.  It can be a very significant income increase.
  • The ability to give your staff, if you have any, a pay rise that comes from another source.  Not from your business income.
  • Give your clients lasting health improvements in many areas.
  • No extra paperwork or administration tasks

Your business has been chosen to be given this offer because the high quality of service you give your clients is absolutely in line with the values of our company.

Please find below an overview of our main product and the simple and effective way you can introduce this to your clients.

I will call you to make a time to answer your questions.  Or you can call me on 09 428 4450 or 027 504 7280.

Yours Sincerely


Dr Darag Rennie MBChB


What Is Body Balance?

Here’s a brief overview:

What Is Body Balance

Body Balance Datasheet

For more information:


Financial Potential When Recommending Body Balance To Your Clients

Money isn’t everything but it sure does help.  And even though it’s not the main reason to offer Body Balance to your clients (their health and wellbeing is), it’s still good to know how it can work out financially.

How you get paid by Life Force direct (approximate based on exchange rates):

Bonus from your Client’s 1st Order

4 pack order of Body Balance = $41

8 pack order of Body Balance = $68

Payment from Ongoing Monthly orders

4 pack order of Body Balance = $33 per month

8 pack order of Body Balance = $56 per month

The only requirement to be eligible to be paid in this way is that the Practitioner places an automatic monthly order of an 8 pack of Body Balance which can be used for the personal consumption of the practitioner or for retail in the practice.

There are NO annual fees and there is never any other payment necessary.

The Company offers a 90 day money back guarantee on 1st orders placed direct.

  • With 10 clients drinking a 4 pack of Body Balance, the practitioner will receive

$410 for the first month

$330 per month ongoing

  • With 10 clients drinking an 8 pack of Body Balance, the practitioner will receive

$680 for the first month

$560 per month ongoing = $6,720 per year.

  • With 100 clients drinking an 8 pack of Body Balance, the practitioner will receive:

$6,800 for the first month

$5,600 per month ongoing = $67,200 per year

4 Pack Body Balance

People: Month 1: Ongoing Monthly: Total Yearly:


$ 41.00 $ 33.00 $ 396.00


$ 4,100.00 $ 3,300.00 $ 39,600.00

These figures are examples and will depend on the size of your practice and how active you are with this.   The 4 pack will likely be the most common order.  Some people do order an 8 pack for themselves but most likely this will be for a couple/family.   If you are GST registered all these figures will be + GST once you let Life Force know your GST number.

How you get paid by your clients direct:

For the entrepreneur:  Purchase a 30 bottle Success Kit of liquid Body Balance per month

Cost of 30 bottles plus shipping = $1019.50 inc GST

Less the Bonus you receive per kit YOU purchase = -$132

Revised Cost = $887.50

Cost / bottle is NOW $29.60

Retail 30 bottles / month at $59/bottle = $1,770 (100% mark-up)

Increased income potential with Success Kit = $882 per month or $10,590/ year


The Consultation Process – How Practitioner’s Are Integrating This

As part of your consultation, offer your client a 45mls sample taste of Body Balance

  • Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.09.48 pmInform your client that they can purchase from you between one and weeks supply of 120mls/day to trial.  This will depend on your client’s next appointment with you.  One bottle lasts a week at 120mls/day.
  • In the meantime they will receive from you emailed information on Body Balance.
  • Or you can give them hard copy while they are there.
  •  Let them know that they can purchase wholesale (cheaper), from the Company, if this is something that appeals to them in the long term (drop shipped to them)
  • You let them know you will discuss this at their next appointment.

Benefits to your Clients

  • They are able to have a test run without committing to ordering initially.
  • Once they do order themselves, they are in charge of their monthly financial outlay.
  • They can continue the order for as long as they wish.
  • They can stop the order at any time.
  • There is no membership or sign up fee.

Benefits to you the Practitioner

  • Stock required for you to purchase is a maximum of 30 bottles of Body Balance to receive 100% Return On Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.12.16 pmInvestment.  This will depend on your retail mark up.
  • You receive an initial 55% bonus with your client’s first drop ship order from Albany, Auckland.
  • You receive monthly commission for as long as your client keeps ordering.
  • Ongoing support from me.


Practitioners Add to Their Clients’ Health Response

Is tiredness and fatigue the most common complaint your clients have?  Does offering a simple solution to your clients appeal to you?

Life Force has the resources, procedures and staffing in place to start this project immediately without delay or risk.

Science is now recognising the value of not just macro minerals such as calcium and magnesium, but also ultra trace minerals such as selenium, boron and more.  Practitioners such as you are fully aware of the association of depleted soils, poor food quality and chronic disease.

Soil Depletion

Many health practitioners are reluctant to recommend product because it is just too hard.

Other practitioners who do supply product find that once their client’s symptoms are reversed, they no longer attend the clinic.

What would it look like if you could improve the outcomes of your treatments with one simple high quality food grade nutritional product?

  • A product that has a track record of reducing tiredness immediately.
  • A product that continues to support optimal regeneration of our cells when consumed long term.
  • A product with a 30 year production record and delivery by Practitioners.

What would it look like if your clients could purchase this product at wholesale price direct from Life Force, yet you, the practitioner are still paid and paid well?

Benefits your clients will have when they consume this product long term:

  • Increased energy and better sleep
  • Healthier skin, nails and hair
  • Reduced joint pain and increased flexibility
  • Improved digestion and reduced bloating
  • Happier and less irritable
  • Decreased symptoms from allergies and much more

Benefits you will receive as a practitioner

  • Your clients will experience a better outcome from your treatment and tend to stay with you
  • Personal satisfaction of increasing your client’s level of wellbeing
  • Another stream of income without having to look for more clients
  • The ability to offer something to the whole family and still be paid
  • Your clients stay with you even if they move far away
  • Body Balance is a whole food able to be taken by all your clients
  • A network of other Practitioners you can call on for support


Support for Practitioners

LFI_IM_logo_V2We have thousands of health care practitioners worldwide recommending this product called Body Balance.  If you would like to talk to another practitioner in your modality who is recommending it, we can put you in touch.

Levels of support in place:

  • We as Life Force Members are your main support regarding product use.  We are there to answer any of your questions and create a fun way of empowering your clients.
  • We are able to show you how to work out the best pathway for you, given your practice size and interests.
  • Technical support from Life Force Office is available regarding ordering.  The staff is not qualified to answer product questions or give business advice.
  • We are working on a website, specifically for practitioners and their clients, that will be available soon.

What can you and your clients expect to do?

  • You are required to register for eight bottles of Body Balance on autoship in order to receive commission payments.
  • We have a streamlined registration and automatic monthly ordering system.
  • Contact with head office in Sydney, Australia, can be by email, phone through an 0800#, fax & online.
  • You will never have your order delayed or placed on back-order.
  • There is no membership or annual fees; never any other payment necessary
  • Credit card is the preferred method of payment.
  • You will receive your Bonus payments within two weeks.
  • You will receive your commission cheques on the 12th of each month.
  • We require five working days notice to cancel membership or skip an order.
  • The Company offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on 1st orders placed direct with Life Force.

Where will you find out information if you require it?

  • We have regular information presentations to which you can invite your clients.
  • You will receive a sample of our hard copy literature which can be purchased.
  • I will email you the links you can view and use for your clients
  • We have several Product Conference Calls run by health professionals in Life Force.

How will you manage this project?

  • Administration is set up for you
  • You will be servicing existing clients
  • Once registered and purchasing product, you are started.
  • Start your consumption of Body Balance as soon as it arrives.  Watch your story grow.

What is the Process?

  • Register yourself online for eight bottles of Body Balance (NZ5 at the bottom of the online form – $296.50 inc GST + shipping), by fax with this form or by phone via myself or the Sydney  office 0800 445 967
  • When convenient, order the Success Kit ($1,019.50 inc GST + shipping)
  • Have suitable tasting glasses in your clinic ready to offer your clients a taste of Body Balance.

Why have I approached you?

  • Firstly, l like what you do.  Every practitioner has their own speciality and uniqueness.
  • The contribution you are making to your clients’ lives through these products, combined with your expertise, is beyond imagination!






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