Burn Fat Not Sugar – Theodore Naiman MD

June 2, 2015


I found Ted Naiman through a FaceBook post of Gary Fettke’s.

It’s delightful to see someone else who’s opted for a simple and to the point delivery of why and how to eat LCHF.

YouTube Preview Image

He’s got some great exercise tips in his site too. http://burnfatnotsugar.com/

I’ve added him to my doc’s who support LCHF hall of fame:  http://daragrennie.com/health/low-carb-high-fat-how-many-doctors-will-it-take/  Yet another doctor who’s personal challenges led him to this lifestyle, that’s become passionate about teaching it.

Two phrases I enjoyed from his video.

When you become adapted to fat burning you are no longer a slave to food:)

Carbage:)  great mix of Carbs + Garbage

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