Many years ago I started to question the life I was living and the work I was doing as I learnt to practice medicine.  The question of how do you live a healthy life took a high priority in my mind as I saw a lot of disease and not a lot of answers.

It seemed to me that there should be some simple answers to the complexities I saw around me.  In essence it was a search for meaning and simplicity, a search for how to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Following that inner urging I left medicine to explore life afresh from the ground up.  It hasn’t necessarily been plain sailing.  Sometimes I felt as if I jumped from the frying pan into the fire and have seriously questioned the wisdom of my choices.  But through it all I have persisted on the path I found myself on and believe I have answered many of those questions for myself.

This site is about what has worked and is working for me.  I hope you get some value from it and the sites I have linked to.

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