A Christmas Present For You

December 17, 2011


Here  is a Christmas present for you that has the possibility to connect you with more Peace, Love & Joy than you may now be experiencing.  If that’s not important to you, then you’re welcome to click out of here and get on with your day:).

If it is, read on.  There’s a link below to a free course that can deepen and enhance the way you look at yourself and the world.  But first let me explain how I found it or at least re-found it.

About three months ago a friend  loaned me a book – The Disappearance of the Universe  by Gary Renard.  Even though it’s a bit of a fantastic story and irked me at times it touched me in a nice spot and sharpened my perspective on life in a way I really enjoyed.   So I borrowed his second book – Your Immortal Reality from the local library.

The story of two ascended masters appearing to Gary over a number of visits, one of who turns out to be him from a future life as a woman, as I said is a bit of a fantastic and incredulous story but the important point is, whether it’s a true story or a fictional one, does it lead in the right direction?   To me it’s like the saying ‘by their fruits you will know them’.  In this context it’s about whether the story and the teachings shared in it lead me to more peace, love and joy or not.

The answer is a resounding yes.  How did it do that?   Well the point of the story is to crystallize the main reasons for studying A Course In Miracles, which was a course I worked with for several years in the 80’s.  So I dove into the Course one more time and am really enjoying it from the added perspective of another 20-30 years of living.

Below are links to the Workbook part of the course.  You can take all 365 lesson for free.   Now it can’t get much better than that:)!  There is a Text and A Manual for Teachers which you will have to buy, if you want it, and Gary’s two friends highly suggest that you do.

The point of this post though, if you are open to it, is to offer you this free gift.   It could be one of the best Christmas presents you will ever have.   My suggestion is simply to try out the first 50 lessons and see how you feel.  Find out for yourself whether it bears good fruit or not. With Christmas and New Year’s resolutions upon us, it’s a perfect time of year for it.

Here’s the introduction to the workbook.

And access to each lesson.  Click on the Lesson Number to access each one.

The Course eloquently nutshells itself with this one simple thought:

Nothing real can threatened.  

Nothing unreal exists.  

Herein lies the Peace of God.



Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to One and ALL,


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  1. Sharon O'Connor Says:

    Hi Daragh. Thanks for this. Just tonight I picked up A Course in Miracles again and began to do the exercises. Interesting how nudges come from several directions at once. Have a wonderful Christmas season. Sharon


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