Thanks for visiting I hope you are having a great day and that something you’ll find here, not only makes your day better but the rest of your life.

You see living a healthy, happy, fulfilled life has been a key focus of mine.  At least since I woke up to the fact that you could have one:)!

That point for me came after I’d finished Medical School.   I was 24 years old before I even heard the idea that you could do what you love to do.  Before that I was just running on automatic, doing what came next without thinking – “is this what I really want?”

The way I look at it, life is a big ongoing school in it’s own right and  we’re all trying to figure out how to make the best of it.   I’ve found one of the ways to do that is to have teachers, mentors and friends that  have learned some of life’s lessons.   I remember a psychiatrist once saying what most people need is just a good friend.  Hopefully you’ll allow me to be that for you.

My intent is to share what I have learned and am learning on the journey and to introduce you to simple things that can make a profound difference to your experience and levels of happiness, health and wealth.   To essentially Simplify Life’s Lessons so you can LIBERATE yourself another notch.  The acronym I created for LIBERATE is Life In Balance, Expanding, Radiating And Touching Everyone.  For me that is the ultimate journey of life that we are all involved in.

I like to look at this site as having 3 doorways for you: Happiness ,  Health and Wealth.  Those 3 areas, for me, pretty much sum up most of what we have trouble with.   You can go through the doorway that feels most appropriate for you right now, explore what I have waiting for you and come back to the others, if and as you please.

You will find those Happiness, Health and Wealth doorways, with the black background at the top of the header above, lead to my dedicated pages.

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The Happiness, Health & Wealth doorways, with the blue (now white with the theme update) background at the bottom of the header,  lead to my blog posts.